Let’s discuss the special features on this disc from Severin! Welcome to the Jungle is a 16 minute interview with director Umberto Lenzi. Me Me Lai Bites Back is a feature length documentary that runs almost 80 minutes about everyone’s favorite cannibal victim. She discusses her career & what she has done since leaving the film industry. It also includes interviews with director Eli Roth, Mike Hostench, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, & 88 Films own Calum Waddell. It also includes Q & A footage with Lai, Deodato, Waddell, & others. This is reason enough to buy this release. It’s one of the best extras I’ve ever seen included on a Blu Ray. It’s something you can’t miss! The Sect of the Purification is a 13 minute chat with production designer Antonello Geleng. 12 minute archive Interviews with actors Ivan Rassimov & Robert Kerman from the original Shriek Show DVD release. An almost 24 minute 2013 Q & A session with Umberto Lenzi from the Festival of Fantastic Films. Last but not least you also get a Trailer for Eaten Alive. This release is much better than any other previous home video release for this film so get rid of those older versions & upgrade to this courtesy of Severin Films because it’s available everywhere right now. Severin Films also released a limited edition version of this Eaten Alive blu ray which includes the soundtrack CD & exclusive slipcover. CHECK IT OUT!!!!